The Myth of Running Stores

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Many running stores have installed treadmills and claim to be the “gait experts.” They are NOT. The sales staff usually have no academic background to judge how YOU walk or run. I do. When I make shoe recommendations, it is based on my additional expertise, software, and personal spent time with you-- all to make the best recommendations for your feet. Also, unlike the stores, I have no incentive to sell shoes because I am not connected to any company

Furthermore, by itself, a gait analysis means little. It needs to be integrated with a biomedical exam and understanding of your individual circumstance and history. Your feet need to be looked at...and understood.

A treadmill gait analysis does not measure one’s natural gait. We all know how different it is to run on a treadmill, and studies back this up. Studies repeatedly show that stride length, airborne time, amount of pronation, and overall foot positioning are altered on treadmills. This is not analyzing your “natural” gait--unless you plan to walk and run exclusively on treadmills.