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                                                          Dr. Ayne Furman
                                                          Arch and Sole Podiatry Center
                                                                        209 Commerce St, Alexandria, VA
                   Fall Prevention Tips:
ü      Have regular vision exams

ü      Integrate balance exercises into your regular exercise program

ü      Minimize household clutter on the floor

ü      Tie back electrical cords

ü      Anchor loose throw rugs

ü      Do not enter a room or hallway until it is illuminated

ü      Use night-lights; especially in bathrooms

ü      Use non-skid tape or a rubber bath mat in showers and tubs

ü      When using steps, make sure that they are visible, especially the first and last step

ü      Wear non-skid footwear around the houser; avoid socks

ü      Be aware of the location of your pets if they are in the same room

ü      Be very cautious when walking in areas that could be icy

ü If you tend to shuffle when you walk, avoid knobby soled shoes

ü      Wear rubber soled shoes

ü Do not wear shoes that are too wide or too long

ü      Do not wear shoes which the sole or any other part is worn out