Gait Analysis

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F-scan Dynamic Gait Analysis is a diagnostic tool that helps Dr. Furman evaluate foot pressure, timing, symmetry, trajectory force and limb comparison of the foot during walking.  The F-scan information along with a detailed clinical exam can be extremely helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of biomechanical lower extremity dysfunction which can be the cause of foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

The Noraxon MyVideo System helps Dr. Furman analyze how foot and lower extremity dysfunction affect entire body alignment. The video camera takes videos at 120 frames per second--this slow motion capability means Dr. Furman can determine if (and how) foot pathology and poor mechanics are leading to one’s postural mal-alignment. In other words, by slowing the video down and being on the plane of one’s hips and feet, Dr. Furman is able to see how each foot “steps,” and how the rest of the body reacts to it. Furthermore, the Noraxon software has drawing tools and angle marking capabilities that allow Dr. Furman to analyze these movements in incredible detail.